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Charles Cater

Charles Cater - Organic Abstracts

East Grinstead, West Sussex


Charles Cater was born in 1937 and trained at the Beckenham School of Art but over the years has developed and refined his own, highly distinctive "organic abstract" style. When painting, he works almost exclusively in Acrylics. The majority of these works are large format A0 or above, but reduce well. Recently, Charles' focus has been on smaller scale line drawings. Charles' main influcences are modern classical music and nature. He lives in Sussex and more examples of his work can be seen on, including limited edition prints.

Charles says: "Most of my paintings can be seen as views of a world of the imagination as though through windows. It takes me a long while to produce my paintings. One painting will usually combine ideas from several of my drawings. I like detail in paintings; I recognise that many artists today are only interested in simplicity but the structures of nature, whether microscopic or massive, are usually full of detail. My work is evolved from nature rather than from manmade urban images. I have for many years been fascinated by the fractal similarities of many cell growths and crystal growths and other aspects of nature. A mineral can look like a fungus or a lichen and clouds can resemble feathers or ferns. I enjoy gardening - the diversity of plant forms and colours appeals to me strongly and observing their growth and development over years has been most informative.

IMPORTANT Please DO NOT select CANVAS for these prints!

The originals are painted with Acrylic paints on flat boards. The primer was carefully applied to avoid raised brush marks. This was to enable me to produce some delicate effects, especially with transparent glazes and to achieve greater clarity. With this in mind it would be counterproductive to print these works on canvas as the texture would be intrusive and disruptive, spoiling the images. Thank you for your interest in my work.

Charles Cater


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