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Abstract Landscapes

February 22nd, 2016

What defines an abstract landscape?

For me, it is when the textural environment of an image could be imagined as being a landscape in a strange or unknown place. My mind creates worlds apart from reality...but ones which seem somehow feasible to exist.

Wonderful organic forms abound, and often there is a sense of a very different gravity that we experience here on earth. I hope that you might enjoy wandering through my fantasy landscapes in your mind.

A wider selection of abstract landscapes can be found here:

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Creativity in Colour

February 17th, 2016

Creativity in Colour

Why even use colour? There are of course many reasons why one may feel compelled to use colour in the image. Equally, as my recent work experimenting with white and black has shown, it is possible to create a very dramatic affect even with this ivery limited palette.

Ultimately of course the whole point is to create something that resonates with the viewer as well as the artist I have always loved experimenting with colours and have found that the acrylic paints that I favour have enabled me to produce some very intense effects with huge depth of colour.

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Botanic Abstracts

February 15th, 2016

Botanic Abstracts

Nature's intricacy and diversity has always been a source of great fascination and inspiration to me.

Although my work is strictly abstract, it is plain to see that one can readily make a connection between a portion of one of my images and for example a crystalline or botanic structure.

In the days pre-Internet it was always hard to explain to someone who had never seen my work that my work was abstract, but not in the "squares and triangles" way so many people associated with the word abstract at that time.

Consequently I coined the term "organic abstracts" - though clearly this still leaves plenty of room for variety. Another useful phrase has been Botanic Abstracts - though this is a more restrictive term and can perhaps only be accurately applied to some of my output.

In any event, the work is abstract, the influences are many and the only way to know if you will enjoy them is to take a look!

Here is a link to a huge range of Botanic Abstracts, including some of my own. Enjoy!

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Loving White on Black

February 15th, 2016

Loving White on Black

Having spent many years focusing on colour and texture in my acrylic work, more recently I've been experimenting with white on black - and have been fascinated by the results.

I have created a gallery of my white on black work here :

And if you are inspired by this you can explore many other monochrome images (courtesy of FAA) here : blackandwhite art for sale
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Rainy, but not rained off

February 14th, 2016

Rainy, but not rained off

Charles Cater's garden was part of the National Garden Scheme's open day yesterday - and over 400 people were able to enjoy the wonderful textures and year round colour of his wonderful garden as well as view his paintings. Sadly the weather was far from perfect, but the stalwart Brits turned out in their hordes to brave the weather, support a worthy cause and enjoy a selection of wonderful gardens. The number of enthusiastic comments was quite uplifting! Many expressed their delight as seeing such unique and beautiful paintings. I was very proud of my dear Dad Charles, as always, and it was lovely to see him getting the positive feedback he so richly deserves. Andrea Cater 06 06 2011

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